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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Exhaust Fitting Centres Have the Answers

Trust A Local Car Exhaust Fitting Centre

When you ask the question “where’s the best exhaust fitting near me?” don’t forget that local independent exhaust fitting centres often have more time and the will to illuminate you about issues rather than the national chains who can perceive your exhaust as just another in a long line of jobs that day.

Mick Jones and his team at Thatcham Tyres and Exhaust, for example, pride themselves on their outstanding reputation, competitive pricing, excellent customer services and the friendly atmosphere. Many customers have used them for years for their car exhaust fitting, plus batteries and tyre needs.

If you sense that there could be an issue with your exhaust, no matter how small it may prove to be, please seek professional, experienced specialists who have the answers to all your questions. It’s true, it is better to be safe than sorry.


The basic components of an exhaust system

  • Tailpipe, this is the most recognisable part.
  • The silencer box or boxes, these are connected to the catalytic converter and the tailpipe. It is imperative that these operate so emissions are within legislative and environmental levels.
  • The exhaust manifold, this is the means via which the exhaust fumes are removed from the engine.

Your exhaust performs several vital tasks in your vehicle:

  • Ensures efficient fuel consumption.
  • Improves the engine’s performance.
  • Directs exhaust fumes away from passengers within the vehicle.
  • Control the operational noise levels.

Possible faults

  • A blown exhaust pipe impacts negatively on the above and has the potential to lead the police to stop you. Better to take your problem to a car exhaust fitting centre before the authorities have an opportunity to scold you!
  • Strange noises should never be ignored. Whistling, rattling, hissing, roaring…any unusual occurrence should be investigated by a car exhaust fitting specialist.
  • Rattling suggests that the exhaust is out of alignment, there is a crack or blockage or loose brackets.
  • Roaring tends to occur when there is an issue with the silencer, exhaust manifold, gasket or tailpipe.
  • Hissing can be a sign that the pipework or the muffler is leaking.
  • Rust, the silencers suffer from rust and corrosion thanks to acidic moisture, this can cause separation of parts and should be taken seriously.
  • White smoke when the engine starts is normal but if the smoke continues this often indicates a coolant leak. Burning antifreeze causes smoke and leaking gaskets or engine cracks can also result in white smoke so please seek professional advice at once. The emissions are hazardous.
  • When blue smoke appears, this is often an engine issue as burnt oil is getting in to the exhaust network. Again, an instant evaluation is required.

Car owners are not expected to be able to ascertain what may be wrong with their exhaust or vehicle, if this was the case why would specialists exist? Please don’t think that talking to an expert will make you feel silly or unknowledgeable; one chat at an exhaust fitting centre could save lives.